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Rune of Roses is all about self. My intent with this practice is to bring holistic body and spirit work to as many as I can. To spread love and a little sparkle. To inspire awareness and provide a grounding service. Everyone can benefit from the power of human touch. Our stress, anxieties, and emotional traumas affect our physical state. Energy like that can wear on our muscles, joints, cells, and especially our minds. In offering swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and specific muscular restructuring routines, you will experience a personalized session with me. We will set an individual intent and personalized approach to each healing session. Take this time, and this space for yourself.

Leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and charged.

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Swedish massage

The most common and popular of massage techniques, Swedish Massage offers a relaxing and beneficial way to restore body and mind. By using long gliding strokes towards the the heart, we increase oxygen levels in blood circulation. Affectively releasing muscle toxins. With intent to fully relax body and mind, Swedish Massage is a 'go-to' for stress relief. Each massage is fully customized to focus on individual stresses and muscle ailments. 


Neuromuscular massage

Neuromuscular techniques redefine pain patterns in the nervous system and brain. With trigger point and deep tissue manipulation we are able to over time, establish a new neuropathic network. Through NMT sessions, we are able to re-teach certain patterns within the structural body. Affectively easing chronic pains caused by the likes of Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, and even TMJ. Neuromuscular Therapy is offered only after an initial Swedish Massage. 

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I believe in the magic found in each of us, the power of nature, and the art of ancient healing techniques. During my routine of meditating before bed. I happened to be staring at a big beautiful moon. Rare at times but often enough that one knows when she lights up the dark sky. I've always found peace in this lunar light. Solace. Moon-shadows are very mystic to me. I find it healing there. I listen for wisdom. My inner 'magic'. 

After meditating one of these luminous nights, I came across a beautiful poem called Sapientia Lunae, by Ernest Dowson. I read it several times grasping at the context beneath the beautiful words. I was very much in a space of 'what now?' in my life. With a subtle suggestion from a friend, offering massage as a career opportunity, I found my answers. All of the past was for this moment. I renewed myself with a purpose and a meaning. Through struggles and pains, and endless love from those around me. I was able to listen to my heart. I now feel prepared to stand in my power and my true calling as a healer. It was my "pondering on a rune of roses" that gave me the vision, drive, and the strength to humbly accept a role many have taken before. 

Rune of Roses offers not just massage, but an open door and accepting space for all.

~ Devin Buchanan, NC LMBT #16032

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