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Devin Buchanan, NC LMBT #16032

Devin Buchanan, NC LMBT #16032


I graduated in July, 2016 from North Carolina Massage School, just minutes from where I grew up in Cornelius, NC. With a 650-hour diploma, I hold a Certification in Clinical Neuromuscular & Structural Bodywork. With great respect and honor to a practice that celebrates magic and innocence, I have committed Rune of Roses to healing the mind and body. Through open communication and an ethical mindset, I offer a unique healing experience to my clients. Rune of Roses' primary focus include concentrating on the power of intent, mindful breathing, and self-love. Hoping to leave you feeling grounded, centered, and safe. 

With a strong background in dance and theatre, my dedication to balance and body mechanics create a solid foundation for massage and structural body work therapy. My education at NCMS has offered many teachings in various modalities of the healing arts. I hope to offer Reiki Energy Work, Cupping, and Doula services in the coming months. 

Devin dedicates this practice to those that may suffer from depression, and in memory of his loving friend, and the beautiful poet, Meredith Leigh Payton.


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